30e Séminaire Franco-Polonais de Mécanique

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30th French-Polish Seminar of Mechanics


Thursday, May 30 2024

Campus UPVD

Friday, May 31 2024

Campus UPVD

University of Perpignan Via Domitia


The Franco-Polish Mechanics Seminars are yearly scientific events marking the Franco-Polish collaboration in the wide field of mechanics and its applications. For more than 25 years, the seminars have been organised alternately in France and Poland, allowing French and Polish researchers to further consolidate and extend a successful cooperation.  The last edition of the Seminar took place in Gdansk (Poland) on 21 and 22 September 2023.

This 30th edition will be organized by the University of Perpignan Via Domitia. Its topics include but are not limited to:
solid mechanics,
fluid mechanics,
mechanics of materials,
contact mechanics,
numerical methods,
heat transfer and viscoplasticity,
two-phase flow,
mechanical systems dynamics,
identification of parameters for modelling mechanical processes.


Local organizing committee  :

Chairmans : S. Dumont and M. Sofonea
Mikaël Barboteu, Francesco Bonaldi,
Michel Cayrol, Sylvia Munoz, Joëlle Sulian

Scientific Committee :

S. Abide (Nice), C. Bajer (Warsaw), M. Barboteu (Perpignan), G. Domek (Bydgoszcz), S. Dumont (Perpignan), B. Dyniewicz (Warsaw), E. Florentin (Bourges), F. Jourdan (Montpellier), R. Klosowski (Gdansk), F. Lebon (Marseille), I. Lubowiecka (Gdansk), H. Piotrzkowska-Wróblewska (Warsaw), Q. Serra (Bourges), M. Shillor (Detroit), M. Sofonea (Perpignan),  R. Zalewski (Warsaw).

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