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Jeudi 27 septembre 2018 à 11h15
Jean-André Marti
Université des Antilles
The hurricane eye's wall

Résumé : (Some major hurricanes as Maria of category 5 have completely destroyed in 2017 many Caribbean islands as Domenica, Barbuda, the french part of Saint Martin, and seriously damaged Porto Rico, Haiti, Cuba Virgin Islands and a large part of Miami in Florida. The total number of dead people is at least 547. The maximum wind velocity was 350km/h.
This catastrophic event gives a good motivation to study more closely the problem and we propose a new approach of it. The hurricanes tracks are now well forecasted but we cannot change them. But we can study the destructive machinery of the hurricane's eye, not well known. Then)
The talk is devoted to the study of the structure of the hurricane's eye, and its border, the eye's wall, following previous results from Le Roux and Marti. A jumping solution acrosss the eye's wall to the Mercator projection of the Euler equations leads to a new result stated by Le Roux in a recent but unpublished manuscript : in a given hurricane model the wind speed (at the sea level) has a dicontinuous jump tangent to the 2D curve of the eye's wall. Here we develop a generalized functional framework which permits a mathematical proof of the result. The 2D study, with a symmetry of revolution hypothesis, can be interpretated as the basis of the 3D one, the model will be reduced to a system hyperbolic nonlinear of two equations in which the altitude z can be interpretated as a real evolution variable. The purpose of this model is to contribute to a better understanding of the cyclonic phenomenon
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