Mathematical Analysis
with Applications in Mechanics

International Conference organized by
the Laboratory of Mathematics and Physics (LAMPS)
of the University of Perpignan Via Domitia (UPVD)
2017, September 6 – 8  Campus UPVD - Amphi 5

Mircea Sofonea
in honor of Mircea Sofonea for his 60th birthday

The aim of the conference is to discuss recent developments on Mathematical Analysis with potential applications to Mechanics and to provide a forum for fruitful interactions in related fields of research.

Plenary Speakers

Sanda Cleja-Ţigoiu
Marius Cocou
Eric Florentin
Weimin Han
Frédéric Lebon
Andaluzia  Matei
Stanislaw Migórski

University of Bucharest, Romania
Université d’Aix-Marseille, France
INSA Centre Val de Loire, France
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA
Université Aix-Marseille et CNRS, France
University of Craiova, Romania
Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland

Dumitru Motreanu
Laetitia Paoli
Angel Rodriguez-Áros Meir Shillor
Dan Tiba
Rachid Touzani
Juan Manuel Viaño
Université de Perpignan Via Domitia, France
Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne, France
Universitade da Coruna, La Coruna, Spain Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, USA
Institute of Mathematics, Bucharest, Romania
Université de Clermont-Ferrand II, France
Universitade de Santiago de Compostella, Spain

List of Participants


Important date : Deadline for registration and abstract submission : 01/05/2017





Organizing Committee

Mikael Barboteu,  Robert Brouzet, LAMPS, UPVD (coordinators)
Michel Cayrol, Sylvia Munoz, Joëlle Sulian, LAMPS, UPVD (logistical team)

More Informations : 04 68 66 17 63

 Université de Perpignan Via Domitia - 52 avenue Paul Alduy - Bât. B - 66860 Perpignan Cedex - Téléphone : +33 (0)4 68 66 20 52